Thursday, May 28, 2015

Marriage Will Come Eventually – NtombAce

Ntombi and Ace (NtombAce) have become one of South Africa's favourite couples. The lovebirds, who walked away with R2 million after winning Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble, are still finding it hard to believe that they won.

They have been together for almost six years and are still crazy about each other. Speaking to Gareth Cliff on Cliff Central on Tuesday morning about how they met, Ace said: "She was walking from Zola, going to Snake Park (Soweto), she was walking through my neighbourhood in Dobsonville. It was on the sidewalk and I decided, 'okay, let me shela her'."

Ntombi added that it wasn't love at first sight. The two, who live in a back room at Ace's parents' house, said they are now looking for a place of their own.

When Gareth asked them about marriage, Ace said: "It will come eventually." They said they haven't received any pressure to tie the knot, not even from their parents.

By Zalebs
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Monday, May 25, 2015

Blue Apologises To Barbz

Big Brother Mzansi star Thandi 'Blue' Mbombo's remarks are coming back to haunt her.

Her friend, Innocentia Morolong, freaked out when Blue allegedly called her a prostitute.

Now model and Big Brother Africa star, Babalwa 'Barbz' Mneno wants an apology for the same insult!

According to Sunday Sun, Blue has attempted to reach out to Barbz. She apparently sent an SMS to Barbz, which reads: "I was drunk most of the time, and I never meant the things I said."

And Barbz said she'll accept the apology. She told Sunday Sun: "I heard she was one of the girls who used to work at Taboo. But I was shocked because I don't know the girl!"

Barbz admits she was pissed off as Twitter fans started saying she was jealous of Blue.

She said: "How do I get jealous of someone I've never met? Jealousy is the ugliest trait – I don't have time for that. I don't worry about issues of a sheep. As a lion I have the whole jungle to take care of. She must look for people on her level. Maybe she'll get what she wants."
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Friday, May 22, 2015

Fans Open Account And Deposit Money For K2 & Blue

On Sunday (May 17) Ntombi and Ace walked away from the Big Brother house R2 million richer, while K2 and Blue had to contend with second place.

Now followers of the couple have taken it upon themselves to give them a financial boost, Sowetan reports.

An FNB savings account has been opened, and fans have been depositing amounts as high as R5,000 and then posting their deposit slips on social media as proof.

One of the fans who spoke to Sowetan on condi­tion of anonymity said they felt that K2 and Blue deserved to win the loot.

"So they [fans] decided to donate money to them starting from R100. The admin who was handling K2 and Blue's social media account made contact with the couple's family members. And so far they have already started contribut­ing to the FNB account provided by the couple."

Yesterday, a coy Blue admitted that an "adviser called Phumla" advised them to open the account. But she then contradicted herself by saying they had nothing to do with the money.

"We have nothing to do with the money being deposited. The account is for our own business ventures. I'm appreciating the love from our fans, but we didn't solicit the cash."

Blue's partner K2 would not comment and passed the phone on to her.
Bongiwe Potelwa of Mzansi Magic said in a statement: "Mzansi Magic and Endemol Shine Africa distance themselves from the initiative. The two companies do not support or approve any initiative which asks the public to contribute monies to bank accounts of participants in any of their reality TV shows."

In 2010, Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe gave his countryman Munyaradzi Chidzonga $300,000 (R3.5 million) after he lost out to Nigerian Uti Nwachukwu.
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Connect With The Housemates

Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble has made fans out of all of us. They may have played the game in pairs but we fell in love with each crazy character. We found our winners in long term lovers and friends Ntombi and Ace! The show is over and the curtains are drawn. But is it all really over?

Are you dying to find out if The Royals will upgrade their castle of love on the outside? Or even whether Soxx and Tembi's love affair was indeed all part of the game or not? What about Chelsea and Mbali, will they continue to fly the torch for Team Mbalsea or will friendship fizzle out? Is there a talk show on the cards for our opinionated gal Mbali and can we expect a Ktoozle joint in the near future?

These are all burning questions and here's how you can connect with the housemates on social media:

Lebo: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Ex:  Twitter, Instagram

Matthias: Facebook, Twitter

Sibu: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Gino: Facebook

Tiffini: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Tembi: Facebook, Twitter

Adams: Facebook, Twitter

Soxx: Facebook, Twitter

Bexx: Facebook, Twitter

Mbali: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Chelsea: Facebook, Twitter

Ace: Facebook

Ntombi: Facebook

K2: Facebook, Twitter

Blue: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Bongi: Facebook, Twitter

Khali: Facebook, Twitter

Pumba: Facebook, Twitter

Kay: Facebook
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How Ace And Ntombi Plan To Spend Their Millions

They walked into the Big Brother house as an unemployed couple from Dobsonville, Soweto. They left it on Sunday night R2 million richer, and with ambitious plans for their future.

After spending 56 days in the Big Brother house, Nkanyiso “Ace” Khumalo and Ntombifuthi “Ntombi” Tshabalala – who go by the name NtombAce – emerged victorious.

The bubbly couple edged out their rivals with a whopping 62% of the overall votes. Closest rivals, K2 and Blue received 30% and Mbali and Chelsea as MbalSea got 8% of the public’s votes.

Speaking to City Press at the Mzansi Magic headquarters in Randburg, Johannesburg, yesterday afternoon,  Ace said:

“We never set out to win, but through prayer and undying hope, we had secretly harboured the desire to win the competition.”

Ntombi was equally breathless when she spoke about their journey.

Though it has not really sunk in yet, she said she would like to give back to the community.

“Having fallen pregnant early in my life, I would like to dedicate my time to helping young girls overcome the effects of teenage pregnancies,” she said.

While they hadn’t quite decided on what to do with the winnings, Ace said it was important to empower others and particularly their communities.

But charity begins at home, and they had considered focusing on their own education and then getting back into the entertainment industry.

They said they entered the reality TV competition with no strategy or decisive plan, but hoped that eventually they would make it to the last stages of the competition.

“We never had a particular plan on how we were going to win the competition, but through staying true to our values, being humble and being respectful to ourselves and the other housemates, we hoped that would be enough to carry us through.”

It looks like their simple plan worked out in the end.

“All we did was laugh, dance, sing and take part in the activities of the day,” added Ntombi.

Ntombi and Ace said they have become “stronger as a couple” and that the reality TV turmoil cemented their bond.

“Our relationship has always been about respect. Although we fought and argued like any other couple we still remained respectful to each other,” said Ntombi.

They thanked their fans for their amazing feedback and for “supporting and standing by us throughout the competition”.

By City Press
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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ace & Ntombi Take Home 2 Million Rand

Unrestrained joy flowed tonight (Sunday, May 17) as sensational Soweto sweethearts Ace and Ntombi, whose hugely entertaining personalities have captivated fans across the country, were voted the winners of reality super-series Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble, in a live 90 minute Finale screened exclusively on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161).

In what can only be described as a dream come true for the much-loved duo, they walked away with the life-changing R2 million prize after spending 56 days in the Big Brother house where they laughed, danced and sang their way into minds and memories of viewing audiences, winning hearts as much for their close-knit relationship as for their good humour and optimistic approach to life. And they left the show in the same way they entered it – thrilled to be on stage and as in love with each other as ever!

It was always going to be a hugely emotional and highly dramatic Finale, and it certainly was just that, starting with the winner results being placed in a secure Perspex box on stage where it would be kept until it was time for the big announcement. Three pairs remained in the game at the start of the show, and for Blue and K2 as well as Chelsea and Mbali the night was bittersweet as they came so close to scooping the title. But while that wasn’t meant to be, both pairs can be confident in the knowledge that they too are stars in their own right having succeeded in making it all the way to the big Finale.

Tonight’s show boasted an all-star music line-up and the excitement in the air must have added a magic element because they delivered unforgettable performances. From superstar AKA’s sizzling rendition of All Eyes On Me, featuring Jr and Da Lez, to Busiswa’s epic Lahla, the Big Brother stage become home to a powerhouse celebration of South African talent. And not to be outdone, the last performance of the night was delivered by none other than TradeMark, featuring Durbn Nyts & Zintle, with their hit track Shumaya.

Also in studio providing their very own perspective on the events of the evening and ensuring that fan opinions were very much part of the night, were the gorgeous pair of Dineo Ranaka and Kuli Roberts, reprising their launch night roles as celebrity commentators. But despite all the star power on display, the night belonged to the six remaining Housemates and the show recapped their triumphs and challenges throughout the season.

From Ace and Ntombi who never once won the Head of House title but took top honours in the Double or Nothing Challenge Dance Off, to the girl power pact of Chelsea and Mbali who worked hard to win many challenges and stash some cash along the way; and of course including fierce competitors Blue and K2 who also won challenges galore, the Top 3 Pairs definitely earned their right to be in the Finale.

The Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble Finale also paid tribute to their fellow Housemates who began the journey with them and who departed the show at different times along the way. One of the highlights of the Finale was an insert featuring Soxx and Tembi, who evicted last week, just one week shy of the Finale. Looking happy and relaxed the pair was philosophical about their exit, chatting easily about their experiences on the game, their highs and lows plus their predictions about who would win the big prize.

The R2 million prize was very definitely the focal point of the Finale, and before long, series presenter Lungile Radu was ready to cross to the house and evict the pair with the least viewer votes, as the countdown to the night’s big announcement heated up. After chatting to the Top 3 pairs about their past week, which included an elegant gala dinner on Friday night with six Mzansi Magic stars, and a party on Saturday night with some of last year’s Secrets Housemates, Lungile get got down to the main business. After a short tense pause, he revealed that Chelsea and Mbali had scored the least viewer votes and would have to leave the house immediately. As the pair, dressed to impress, made their way onto stage, the reality must have set in for Blue and K2; as well as Ace and Ntombi, that they were just moments away from possibly life-changing news.

And while the dream was not to be for Chelsea and Mbali, the gracious pair handled their exit with poise and charm. The duo must have been as anxious as everyone else though to hear just which pair had won but they had to wait a little while longer because Biggie has plans of his own.

Talking directly to Ace, Ntombi, Blue and K2, the big man thanked them for spending time in his house, congratulated them on their success so far and instructed them to complete one final task. After walking through all the areas of the house one last time to say their goodbyes to their home of eight weeks, and after enjoying a gorgeous fireworks display in the garden, the foursome exited the house. Then, in what was a truly powerful farewell, they switched off the lights to the house, one section at a time and for the first time since the show kicked off with a unique double launch on March 22 and March 23, Biggie’s Double Trouble crib closed its doors.

On stage, in front of a delighted studio audience that included members of their families and last year’s winner Mandla Hlatshwayo, the Top 2 Pairs spent time with Lungile viewing clips from their stay in the house, and revealing what they were thinking and feeling as they progressed in the game.

Then, with just minutes left in the Finale, Lungile walked over to the clear Perspex box that had held the winner names securely since the start of the show, and retrieved the all-important envelope which held the final results, verified by Deloitte. With a hush falling over the studio audience, Lungile opened the envelope and, announced that ACE and NTOMBI had scored the most audience votes and were the winners of Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble.  And just like that, with the audience roaring their approval and confetti filling the air, the show came to a fitting and fabulous end.

Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble was produced for Mzansi Magic by Endemol Shine Africa. Over 27 million votes were cast over the course of the season and the show enjoyed great popularity among fans.  The show attracted 1.2 million messages to TV; 340 000 Facebook likes and 159 000 Twitter followers while the show’s official website logged 20 million page impressions by 1.4 million users. Meanwhile videos from the show were viewed online more than 1.4 million times. You can still engage with the show on any of the following platforms:

WeChat: ID: BigBrotherMzansi
Twitter: @BBMzansi and #BBMzansi
Facebook: Big Brother Mzansi
Instagram: @BigBroMzansi
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How Mzansi Voted: Double Trouble Finale

Ace and Ntombi received the most votes and were declared the winners of Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble.

The soulmates received 62.06% of the overall votes followed by K2 and Blue with 29.93% and Mbali and Chelsea received 8.01%. Congratulations Ace and Ntombi!

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Ace And Ntombi Win BBM Double Trouble!

1,344 hours, 80,640 minutes or simply 56 days all boiled down to this breath taking moment. Surviving fights, bouts of hunger, nominations and a whole lot more challenges, soulmates Ace and Ntombi received the most votes and ultimately became the winners of Big Brother Mzansi Season 2!

The tension could be cut with a knife as Ace and Ntombi sat alongside Blue and K2 on the finale stage waiting the big announcement from Lungile. After a heart stopping pause, the envelope was opened to reveal which pair would walk away a whole lot richer and Mzansi newest celebrity couple. And when Lungile finally broke the news there was no containing the excitement as the lovers saw their biggest dream come true!

Ace didn't waste time running across the stage and breaking out into an energetic dance routine while Ntombi was totally speechless and literally didn't move an inch. The two literally switched personalities for a moment!

Despite having never won the Head of House title, NtombAce managed to garner the most votes in the finale. Their win was even more astounding as they were the only original couple to make it to the very end. Now with R2million in the bank, they could finally realize their dreams of owning their own home and sending their son to the best school money can buy!

Congratulations to Ace and Ntombi, the winners of Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble!
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