Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Big Conspiracy?

Thando is breaking out the big guns as the Big Brother Mzansi finish line edges closer. Unfortunately, it looks like she may have crossed the line this time.

This evening, the opinionated damsel boldly locked Jase into a conversation that saw her laying the groundwork for what she feels could be the most effective strategy to dispose of this week's Head of House, Sol, as well as MILK(MK, Iris, Loko and Kat). Can you spell D.R.A.M.A!

Before you go into battle, it is no secret that you need to know your enemy inside out; strengths, weaknesses and everything in between. Thando clearly read the manual and has that down pat. "There's MILK, there’s us, then there are three floaters who have power to swing the Nomination scales. Unfortunately at this stage of the game, the numbers are not in our favour. We need a way to get Mzamo, Mandla and Lexi on our side," she told Jase, who was still gulping for air after a spirited, but unsuccessful dance rehearsal.

According to Thando, what her crew needs to do to get ahead is sow division so that MILK loses their power. "The only way we can do that is through Poolie, who has easy access to Loko. However, Poolie must not be abrasive about it. There is no way Loko should know. If we do it right, the split will occur and obviously some of them will need comfort. We can then capitalise on the situation and ensure that the playing field is evened out," she said.

Thando also put forward Lexi's name as a possible candidate for her game, but conceded in the same breath, that as much as Lexi can make it happen for them, she is rather selfish. "Lexi would do whatever it takes to get rid of Sol and I know she is exactly what we need. Unfortunately, she does not do things for others. She does things for her own benefit. Iris is another one we could possibly use. She despises Sol. She gets irritated every time he speaks," Thando said.

Thando also gave Jase advice about what her crew needs to do in the event that she is Evicted this Sunday. "Make sure to put up Sol, who thinks he is invincible, as well as Mandla and MK and dispose of them." Thando has clearly thought this through and has no time to play games or beat about the bush. But isn't she breaking the Big Brother Mzansi rules?

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